Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hand Land

About a year ago I drew the hand land sketch with every intention of coloring it at some point. The days passed and it kinda fell through the cracks and was forgotten about. Just the other night, I was in photoshop and accidently opened up the sketch as if it were reminding me of my promise. Just like that, I started working on it until it was 3am. The reason I put it off is cuz it seemed like a such tedious task. From start to finish was around 8 or 9 hours.

My original concept for drawing this is my concern for our beautiful planet. I took the concept of man and his constant need to build and build and build. Pretty soon there will be nothing left, except for decaying buildings and pollution. No green anywhere. So I thought, what would happen if that roll was reversed? How would that make you feel if a foreign contamination known as "nature" started growing on what you assumed was your body? Perhaps it would look something like this.


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