Friday, December 25, 2009

The good ol' days

This was an idea I had after seeing an old photo of myself riding my Rambo big wheel with my good buddy Austin. Yeah I said Rambo big wheel. I was too lazy to draw but it will most likely appear in another image. This is all something I would wear running around the neighborhood at the age of 6-7. Man those where the days.

Notice the lion-O sword design on my pants...I totally miss those things. My, times have changed. That spidey shirt was also one of my faves. I had a rambo machine gun toy which was another fave of mine until my neighbor ran over it with her car, I cried. That he-man sword broke after I got pissed at my other neighbor Dougie and I threw it at him. I missed and it smashed against the pavement. Damn.

It's safe to say I had LOTS of built up anger as a kid. Well if it wasn't for those days, then this image wouldn't be possible. Good times good times.

-the Kidd

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