Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Always been a favorite of mine.



  1. I always liked Gambit too. Maybe it was the accent.

  2. haha, yeah he's a cool dude. thanks for checkin it out.

  3. Hi Kirk,
    Your work is outstanding!
    Summer Anderson sent me a link to your blog. I'm an artist too. I went to school with your sister Angela. Your work is really good- are you interested in working in animation? or computer game industry? Your work would fit in well in those markets. Or comic books. You're very talented!

  4. Hey thanks a bunch! It's always nice to hear when people like my stuff. Yeah, you know I'm really down for whatever. I would love to work in animation and I'd be just as happy illustrating or even working for a game company. I just wanna draw for a living. Lately i've been trying my hand at figure drawing to expand my skills. Thanks again.